Frozen / First Hike of 2015

I’m not entirely sure how, but the VEB talked me into going for a hike this afternoon.  Our high today was 27 degrees and there’s snow on the ground, and normally on a day like today you would find me on the couch with a blanket and a book.  Instead I decided to be a good sport and bundle up, and we went and stomped around Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge for a solid 90 minutes.   It was cold enough to affect my camera, not to mention my hands, so there’s just a few shots to share from today:

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????oxbow winter


That last one is a not very good picture of a northern flicker, which is actually a kind of woodpecker.  A bit later on we saw an enormous bird, which was either a hawk or an osprey, but just as I finally got the camera into focus the bird flew off so we don’t know for sure.  However, neither flicker nor possible osprey can top yesterday – we saw a bald eagle fly over the parking lot at our local Stop and Shop!  I saw one last summer at Acadia, sitting on a tree, but up until yesterday I had never seen one in flight, and it’s pretty cool to see their wingspan.

Other good things from this weekend:  a mango smoothie, obtained at the Winter Farmer’s market at Russell’s Garden Store in Wayland; a tasty turkey and sweet potato chile I made last night (recipe from Cooksmarts – a menu planning/recipe service we recently subscribed to); and finally taking down the Christmas tree and reclaiming our living room.  (Well, mostly reclaiming the living room – I’ve vacuumed three times and we’re still finding pine needles in the carpet…and on the cats…)  Soon there is a hot bath and a book with my name on it, and later after dinner (which the VEB is cooking!) there is chocolate cake, our reward for freezing our butts off this afternoon.  Afterwards, a cuddle with a kitty or two, then what will hopefully be a good night’s sleep before the workweek begins in the morning!


About Lori Allen Writes

Lori is plotting to take over the world one essay, one quilt, and one hand knit sock at a time.
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