Final FO’s of 2014

I don’t know where I’ve been this month.  Working, I suppose, and Christmas shopping, and in the past few weeks a number of family gatherings on all sides of our families.  There was also a fair amount of knitting, so in lieu of anything else to write about I’ll chronicle it here.

First, we got a Christmas tree and after decorating it with some store-bought ornaments I thought it was missing something.  We never did get around to finding a star for the top of the tree, but I did cement my insane cat lady status by knitting some cat ornaments:

kitty ornamentsThe insanity was perpetuated by the VEB, who insisted that I knit additional ones to resemble our cats.  And then I perpetuated the insanity further by rummaging through my yarn stash to find some variegated brown yarn that sort of resembled our part-calico cat, and then searching three yarn stores to find some gray/black yarn that sort of resembled the gray tiger cat.  Happily the third cat is black, so I had her covered.  (Pattern here.)


For the “every time I turn around someone has a baby” box, which is running low at the moment, I also finished a “Mignon” baby sweater (pattern here); it looks a little odd in the proportions because it’s meant to be cropped.  It was a pretty easy knit though I do so wish I could figure out how to do cables without a cable needle.

???????????????????????????????I found a ridiculously cute sheep button for it:

sheep button***

For the third Christmas in a row I knit the VEB a hat, which I don’t have a picture of because he wore it to work.  It has little Cthulu’s on it and it was a pain in the arse to knit but he likes it, that’s what counts.  (Pattern here.)


Finally, it got cold enough around here to haul out the box of woolens.  Much to my chagrin I found five different hand-knit mittens, all missing their match.  I have no idea how I managed to lose five different mittens over the summer and fall, but alas I did.  This necessitated whipping up a fast pair of mittens for myself, which I finished this morning.  Happily I was able to use some chunky blue Malabrigo yarn that I’d already mad a hat out of a few years ago.  (Pattern reference here.)  It’s such an old Mainer thing to do – using up what you have, and also making something you need rather than buying it.  (In general I am not a very thrifty person, so I like making note of it when I am!)


There are other projects I started and put aside, like the gray Campside shawl that will probably be the death of me, not because it is hard but because I can’t stand looking at it any more.  Meanwhile, I’m thinking about what I want to knit next year.  After a decade or so of knitting I’m finally feeling like I’ve finally become an “intermediate” knitter, and I’m looking at patterns that are a bit more challenging to knit.  There’s also a purple sweater in a bag, just waiting for a second sleeve to be finished, and several socks that need mates.  In the meantime, I think I need to whip up another pair of mittens just to be on the safe side.  Here’s to happy knitting in 2015!

About Lori Allen Writes

Lori is plotting to take over the world one essay, one quilt, and one hand knit sock at a time.
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