Random Saturday (Entertainment Edition)

Earlier this week my mother called to express her dismay about the dearth of a new “story” here.  “All we’re getting is knitting,” she complained.



1)  Truthfully, other than work it’s pretty much been all about the knitting.  I managed to finish both baby blankets I was knitting, which is no small feat given that one of them had been on the needles for over a year.  Both have been hand-washed, and I was dismayed (though not surprised) to see how much the red blanket bled.  I did a terrible job blocking both of them, so I need to wash them again.  I should really invest in a blocking mat of some sort.

2)  Last weekend we went to see “Gone Girl”, which we both found excellent and hysterically funny, albeit long (thrice I turned to E and whispered, “This needs to be over already”).  I have yet to read a review of the movie that points out what a dark comedy it is, which leads me to suspect (not for the first time) that E and I have completely warped senses of humor.  (I did cover my eyes during the stabbing scene, though.  That part was decidedly not funny.)  Also?  I think it was the first Ben Affleck movie where I was able to forget he was Ben Affleck and actually believe he was the character he was portraying.  Somewhere along the line he learned how to act.  (No, I have not seen Argo.)

3) That said, the movie troubled me as it could be perceived as buying into the “women are lying crazy people” misogyny that is so prevalent in certain circles (like online newspaper comments and certain Twitter feeds).  I sputtered all the way home about this.

4) Things I also sputter about?  Chiefly, how many times women get chopped on Chopped.  One of these days I’m going to start charting this in a more scientific manner than simply sputtering…but I’m telling you:  women get Chopped more often.  E told me I was crazy when I first suggested this, but the more we watch the more he shakes his head and says, “Oh my god you’re right.”

5)  Speaking of TV…North Woods Law.  Makes me homesick, for sure.  And while I mostly despise reality TV, primarily for its fakery, you simply cannot fake a Maine accent like those guys have, nor can you fake the characters they stumble upon.  HOWEVER?  They aren’t immune from my feminist critique either:  there have GOT to be at least a few women game wardens in the state, and I have yet to see one on the show.

6)   We also watched “Dallas Buyers Club”, which was fabulous. I’d missed the hoopla about it last year, and didn’t know that the central plot was about AIDS and that the movie was based on a true story.  At any rate, it’s a tremendous movie, though the ending felt like they’d run out of film or something.

7)  The dude abides, y’all.


About Lori Allen Writes

Lori is plotting to take over the world one essay, one quilt, and one hand knit sock at a time.
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