Garden Update (Late July)

On Saturday I surveyed the garden with much dismay; other than one lone pepper, it didn’t seem like much was happening there.  While things were blossoming, no other fruit was setting.  Meanwhile, I could see my neighbors pepper and tomato plants full of fruit, and I was insanely jealous — despite knowing full well we put the garden in a few weeks late because of the move.  (Patience is not my strong suit.)

At any rate, four days later I came home to this:

wild gardenThe cucumbers have taken over everything, including the squash plants, and are spilling over the raised bed.  Also, we are now the proud owners of one enormous tomato jungle at the back third of the garden; they’ve gotten so big that they are starting to uproot the cages.  Apparently, as it turns out, you’re supposed to prune tomato plants.  I somehow missed that in my book.  It’s a big mess, frankly….but happily, much to my surprise I discovered today that we are getting some fruit:




My pepper has gotten much bigger, and I’m happy to report that it now has some smaller siblings.  And then, there is this cute little thing:

baby melon

A baby watermelon!




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Lori is plotting to take over the world one essay, one quilt, and one hand knit sock at a time.
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