Where She Gets Her Knitting Mojo Back

I stopped knitting for awhile.  Some of this was because the combination of moving, crazy work hours, and the garden project were sucking up the majority of my energy.  (Not to mention the Cat Wars.)  But mostly I just sort of lost the desire to knit.

Some of that was because of this project – the “Welcome to the Flock” sweater I’d started months ago.  I’d knit up to the point of having to join the sleeves and then knit the colorwork sheep, something I was not looking forward to.  Carrying three different strands of yarn across without it turning into a tangled mess is a challenge.

I’m not sure what flipped my knitting switch back on, but last week I picked this project back up and suffered through the colorwork.  It’s not that hard, just time consuming, although a good knitter will be able to tell from the photo that my threads (floats) are a little tight…



Finishing this opened the floodgates, so to speak, and now I’m suffering a huge case of startitis, where I want to knit All the Things right now.  First up?


Socks.  I lost my sock knitting mojo a couple of years ago, but sadly I’ve had to retire several pairs due to being completely worn out.  This means a few new pairs need to be knit before winter howls back through in a few months.  I bought this yarn a few years back at the Mass Sheep & Wool Festival, it’s from Into the Whirled in the “Nebula” colorway.  It’s knitting up much differently than I expected – not a bad thing, just different.  (I use Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s “basic sock recipe” from her book Knitting Rules.)

Also begun….

purl dreams red

This is the beginnings of what may or may not become another Purl Dreams.  The yarn may want to be something else, though.  We’ll see.

Finally, this:


This is a beautiful skein of merino wool from A Hundred Ravens, which is close enough by to be considered local to me.  It’s in the Eos colorway, which to me just screams spring crocuses.  I am not sure what this will be…most likely socks.  The yarn store lady thought it would make a nice shawl, but I’m not sure I’m a shawl person.  Not yet, anyway.

All of this is coming with me when I leave for a work trip to DC in a few hours.  I do hope it’s enough for a 3-day conference.  (Ha.)


About Lori Allen Writes

Lori is plotting to take over the world one essay, one quilt, and one hand knit sock at a time.
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