Moving & Growing

I forgot how stressful moving is.  Given the number of times I’ve moved since college (this makes #15, I think) you’d think I’d be a pro.  You’d think I would have become a minimalist who can throw everything into a suitcase at the drop of the hat and be gone, leaving no trace behind.  But, no.  Not even close.  And even though I have the entire month of May to move we are going camping Memorial Day weekend, so I’d like to get it all done beforehand.  Plus, I’m sure that once I give my current landlord official notice that I’m leaving she’s going to want to start showing the apartment, and that means a certain level of tidiness must be achieved.

So, I spent most of yesterday cleaning and sorting and throwing out, and the VEB brought some stuff up to his house — two big tubs of fabric, and another tub full of linens.  And he lugged out my recycling and several bags of trash.  Today was supposed to be another marathon (no pun intended) cleaning and tossing session, but thus far I’ve managed to sit on the couch, drink coffee and wonder about this:


Overnight a tiny toadstool appeared in one of my pepper seedlings.  From what I can Google this doesn’t seem like a bad thing per se, and may be from wood chips in the organic compost I used.  Someone suggested I might be over-watering, and I suppose that is possible but I’m skeptical.  The plants have not been outdoors yet, but I have had the back door open here and there so it’s possible spores blew in.  I guess I just yank it out and continue on?  Meanwhile, I’m getting ready to start the seeds for cucumbers, watermelons and squash, and wondering just how to go about thinning the tomato seedlings without making a complete and utter mess of my kitchen.

In other growing news, I’m happy to report that things are finally starting to bloom around here.  We went to the arboretum on Saturday to do a test run of setting up the VEB’s new tent and saw these:



Daffodils (jonquils?), and then what I think is a magnolia tree is beginning to bloom.

Finally, a gratuitous kitty shot, because after the last two nights of her waking me up at 3 am by stomping on my head and yowling in my ear, I need to be reminded of how cute she is.  She’s sitting on my newly-finished quilt, which she has already claimed for herself:

sunshine calypso


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Lori is plotting to take over the world one essay, one quilt, and one hand knit sock at a time.
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