Random on a Sunday

1.  Came home from a late breakfast today and caught this cardinal way up on the tippy-top of the backyard tree, singing cheer cheer cheer:


Not the best pic, but I love how plump he is even after a long cold winter.  There are lots of bird feeders in the neighborhood!

2.  In every relationship there is a division of labor.  The VEB takes out the trash, and I hem pants.  While I’ve been quilting for years, I’m not that much of a seamstress; I do my best to hem things straight, and thankfully the VEB is not the sort to be too fussed if things aren’t exact.  Pajamas are one thing, though, and when he came over with two brand new pairs of jeans, bought on sale even though they were 6 (!) inches too long, it gave me pause.

I don’t use YouTube that much, but my nieces use it all the time for do-it-yourself videos, from everything to makeup application to dog training videos.  Before I cut into the VEB’s new pants, I decided I’d see if there were any videos to show me how to best hem jeans.  Lo and behold, there were lots of them demonstrating a simple yet not-so-obvious (to me, anyway) technique of hemming them such that you keep the original hem intact.  (I used this video, but there are several others.)  Once I figured it out, it took all of ten minutes.  I don’t know why, exactly, but knowing this little trick makes me feel quite clever.  (File under:  It’s the Little Things.)

3.  My cat has claws that you would not believe.  Trimming her nails takes both of us, in shifts, with one of us holding her and the other performing stealth clipping moves.  She hates it, and gets squirmy, and last night it finally happened:  I accidentally cut into the quick of her claw.  It bled, of course, and I freaked out, even though the VEB (who used to work at a vet’s office) assured me it was not the end of the world.  It didn’t bleed much, and stopped fairly quickly; twenty minutes later she was chasing her toys in the living room, so I guess it wasn’t too traumatic.  Still, I felt terrible.

4.  It’s March, and I’m reading Middlemarch.

5.  Speaking of YouTube, this and this (warning:  adult language & Maine humor).  You might have to be Maine born and bred to truly appreciate it.


About Lori Allen Writes

Lori is plotting to take over the world one essay, one quilt, and one hand knit sock at a time.
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