Blue Skies

One day, recently (and, really, one day only!), there was this:

Blue Sky

And lo, it was foretold:  the end of the gray knitting was nigh.

Happily, one day last week I happened to get home a little early and had a few minutes to wander around my local yarn/fabric shop.  Off in a little corner I found a copy of this pattern (Purl Dreams by Heirloom Stitches) and it just so happened I already had some chunky yarn in my basket at home in lovely shades of Tiffany blue, light aqua and cream (Berrocco Vintage Chunky).  Stash project, woo hoo!  (Well, mostly stash; I may need to buy one more skein.  We’ll see.)

I re-learned that chunky yarn and size 10 needles burns through projects quite quickly:

Blue Knitting

Sadly, I had to back off a bit as the tendonitis reared its ugly head again.  But that’s okay, because I started going through a box of old fabrics.  I found a whole stash of old-fashioned prints that I had never found a use for, and suddenly I pictured myself curled up under a quilt that matched a yellow striped chair and ottoman we saw at a Very Expensive Furniture Store the other day and which I instantaneously coveted.  Seeing the fabric made something in my brain snap, and suddenly I *needed* to make a quilt that would be conducive to snuggling with a kitty while reading on a rainy day AND that would match a chair that I DO NOT OWN.  (Yet.)  So, like a woman possessed, I immediately stopped what I was doing (which, *ahem*, would be cleaning) and started cutting up 4″ x 8″ rectangles.  When I ran out of fabric I went back to the box and found more.  And after three nights, I have lots of squares that are now being sewn together.  (Again, I have re-learned that big blocks go together quite quickly.)

spring fabric

What will come first, a finished quilt or the chair?


About Lori Allen Writes

Lori is plotting to take over the world one essay, one quilt, and one hand knit sock at a time.
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