Boycotting Winter

winter 14

It’s snowing.  WHY IS IT SNOWING?  I don’t really care that it’s January, it’s Massachusetts, these things happen with alarming regularity.  I get it, but no.  After a week of unseasonably warm temperatures, I was ready to wave winter goodbye.  In fact, I *had* waved winter goodbye.  My internal body clock thinks it is March.

If I plug my ears and squeeze my eyes shut tightly, can I will all those big, fat, wet flakes away?

Apparently not.  I’m up at the VEB’s, and I decided to make a quick run to the yarn store.  By the time I headed home, it was snowing hard and the roads were terrible.  I was careful, though, and made it all the way to the VEB’s driveway, which sadly is a hill.  A small hill, mind you, but enough of a hill that my little car did not want to go up it.  Also, the driveway runs right between two apartment buildings, so it was not entirely out of the question that had I slid very much in either direction, it would not have been pretty.  Shenanigans and a few frustrated tears ensued, ending in the maintenance guy coming downstairs and plowing the driveway.  (I think I lost my native Mainer credibility right there.)

Also infuriating, I left my new snowshoes at my house, because I was so sure winter was over that I stopped checking the weather.  I didn’t even bring my winter coat, just the spring jacket I’ve been wearing this past week.  I also forgot my camera, so I’m making do with phone pictures.  I did bring the knitting, which is a good thing because it’s probably the only green I’m going to be seeing for awhile…


Twin Leaf Loop scarf from Botanical Knits by Alana Dakos – see here for details.  Yarn is discontinued Cleckheaton country silk, an Australian wool blend.  Happily, this is from the stash – I bought this at Windsor Button’s going-out-of business sale last year.  


About Lori Allen Writes

Lori is plotting to take over the world one essay, one quilt, and one hand knit sock at a time.
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