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Five days off, and the accounting is thus:

1)  I’m still plodding through The Luminaries.  There are moments when I find myself absorbed by the story, but then the story shifts characters and I’m lost again.  I often read books in one sitting, and yet it’s taken me weeks to get through a mere 170 pages.  Infuriating progress for me.

2)  Thanksgiving was a quiet affair this year.  We trekked north to the VEB’s family in the wilds of rural NH, and we managed to get home in one piece despite our GPS and both of our cell phones failing on us (happily, I have an excellent memory).  Might I just say, though, that there is no subsitute for a good old-fashioned paper map! 

3)  We did not shop, except for a trip to Whole Paycheck Whole Foods where we rejoiced when the bill was under $50.  I just had to have a Vietnamese spring roll, and the VEB had to have stuffed grape leaves, and some of you know how this works:  the next thing you know a sampling of the entire food bar is walking out with you in one of those funky cardboard containers that you hope to God doesn’t leak all over the car before you get home.  Also, the VEB ran out to the car to get a cloth grocery bag while I was finding more things I didn’t know we needed, and was gone for a bit.  When he finally came back he told me that he had bumped into an old college friend, and plans had been made for us to hang out next weekend.  Now, the last time I met one of his college friends it turned out that I had actually GONE TO COLLEGE WITH THE FRIEND, at least for a couple of years until he transferred schools.  He knew my best friend, and was an ex-boyfriend’s roommate, and the coincidences were so unbelievably, inconceivably weird that I still get chills up my spine when I think about it.  All this is to say that I can’t wait to meet this other friend next weekend, because she’s probably some long lost blood relative.

4)  Yesterday we went to see the movie Philomena, knowing very little about it.  It’s about an Irish Catholic woman’s journey to find the son she gave – or rather, the nuns gave – up for adoption.  It was wonderful…simultanously heartrending and thoughtful and provoking.  And infuriating, too, because let’s face it, bad things get done in the name of religion all the time.

5)  I would show you knitting, except that a few hours ago I ripped out an entire day’s worth of knitting because I’d made such a mess of it.  Now it’s an even bigger mess, one big wriggly tangle on the coffee table, begging for….something.  Forgiveness, maybe?  I am sorely tempted to throw it into the garbage.  It’s not a hard pattern or anything, just a dumb baby bootie, and I was using a pattern I’d used successfully in the past.  I managed to knit the first one, but the second one just didn’t want to be knit.   Somehow, within a few rows of the end, I realized I had twice as many stitches as I should have, and that is not something one can easily recover from.

6) Every once and awhile I see a project on a blog and think, “ah, I’m not alone”.  And so at some point this afternoon, in between a two-hour nap and several episodes of The 4400, I decided to Cat-along.  (My piecing needs some work.)


The designer calls this cat Ferdinand, but I call it Wilbert because when my niece was three, she wanted Santa to bring her a “real, live purple kitty named Wilbert”.  Instead, Aunt Lori spent Christmas Eve driving 80 mph down I-95 with a real, live gray-and-white cat named Zeus, who managed to get out of his carrier somewhere between the Maine and Masachusetts borders.  Zeus was promptly renamed Wilbert, and my sister hid the purple fingerpaint lest anyone get any ideas.  (Wilbert is now 10 and is quite grumpy about the recent addition of his brother Burton, a labradoodle puppy who remains terrified of the cat.)

As usual, the photographing was interrupted by Calypso Kitty, who (much like Wilbert) cannot bear to share the limelight:

kitty help


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Lori is plotting to take over the world one essay, one quilt, and one hand knit sock at a time.
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