Swimming with the Fishes

This fall I have developed an awful bout of tendonitis that has stubbornly refused to go away.  Eight weeks of physical therapy helped, but only to a point.  I’m still taking more Aleve than I would like to, and every evening is spent first with an ice pack, then a heating pad and stretches.  In the midst of all this my knitting and quilting projects really suffered, and I confess there were a few times when I dumped the yarn basket on the floor and just sort of petted my skeins of yarn because I missed knitting so much.  An affliction of a different sort, I suppose, but my hands need to be kept busy.

And then, of course, you people keep insisting on having babies.  Alas, I cannot stand the idea of babies not having handmade things, and so I am learning to pace myself.  A little knitting here, a little quilting there, and the VEB good-naturedly picks up the ice packs I absent-mindedly leave around our respective apartments and puts them back into the freezer for me.  Rinse and repeat.

(A long time ago someone told me I needed someone to look after me and I vehemently disagreed, but then the VEB came along and I totally understood.  Because of course I do.)


I finally got around to knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket.  This is a whole entire post in its own right, because of Math, but I’ll save that for another time.  Meanwhile, these are the buttons that it took forever and a day to pick out.  They were a little expensive, but worth it in the cuteness!


Simultaneously I found this goldfish fabric, which I paired with some other fish fabrics and various and sundry other fabrics.  I sewed & cut them up into what is called “disappearing 9 patch” squares.  It reminds me of an aquarium, so at least in my head I refer to this as the “aquarium quilt”.  It’s been ages since I hand-quilted anything, and I’m a bit out of practice, so for the moment I’m just doing a simple curved pattern that sort of resembles a wave.  Not exactly “baby” colors, but I like that it is bright and cheery.


Calypso Kitty likes it too:



About Lori Allen Writes

Lori is plotting to take over the world one essay, one quilt, and one hand knit sock at a time.
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