Gloucester Adventure

Off and on for the past few months I’ve been of the mind to go to Gloucester.  I have no idea why, other than that one of the guys in our photography group had some cool pictures from a beach down there.  We were in the mood for a change of scenery today, so after a couple of errands we drove out there.

1.   Once a downtown geek, always a downtown geek:


2.   After lunch, and after a bit of cursing at the GPS, we used my newly purchased Mass Audubon membership to go out to the Eastern Point sanctuary.  (If you aren’t a member, it costs $10 to park.)  In order to get to the sanctuary you have to drive past some pretty amazing real estate, past a number of signs that say “residents only” and “private”.   The VEB and I were simultaneously impressed and horrified at the level of wealth in the area, which wildly contrasted with the characters fishing off the causeway.  All those BMW owners must love the pick-up trucks driving through their tony neighborhood.

At any rate — the causeway is actually not part of the sanctuary, mostly because I think they are afraid you will fall in and try to sue, but it’s the main reason to go out to this place.  The lighthouse is fenced in and off limits, though.

June Adventure 1

3.   The Rosa Rugosa is everywhere and blooming:


4.   These little purple things were blooming too:


5.   Now that I know what a cormorant actually looks like (*ahem*), I see them everywhere:


6.   These windmills are HUGE.  I also find them oddly elegant.

Gloucester Harbor

7.  You can see Boston.  Sort of.


8.  Seagulls.  Enough said, although this one looks almost majestic atop its perch:

Gloucester gull

9.   Boats were plentiful.  This one was pretty cool:


10.   Even for a girl from Maine, this sort of thing never gets old:



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