Bird Chronicles #6

The next installment of my attempt to track my birding this year.  I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – birds are hard to photograph!   

Memorial Day at the Stony Brook Nature Center in Norfolk, MA — first up, a Baltimore Oriole:


Next up, a hawk:

Hawk in Norfolk

Not twenty seconds after taking this picture, a group of blackbirds attacked this hawk, driving it off.  Someone nearby remarked that the hawk must have gotten too close to a nest.  Next to me was a professional photographer with a lens as long as my forearm, who was able to take frame after frame of the blackbirds literally divebombing the hawk.  I’d love to see what she wound up with for photos!

Then, a King Bird.  Yet again, not long after taking this photo there was a HUGE ruckus.  This time there were at least 15 birds of varying species squawking to high heaven.  I thought the hawk had returned, but they were in some low bushes and I didn’t see anything fly off.  It was bizarre.


And then, what I think is either a female or adolescent merganser, which is basically a duck with a mohawk:


Tonight, at the DelCarte open space area in Franklin – first a heron:


And then a pair of wild swans, with 4 babies in tow:



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