Yesterday the VEB and I drove up to Maine, hoping against hope that the weather would clear enough for some canoeing and hiking.  Alas, it poured all day.  We visited with my grandmother for a bit and then settled for a different type of “pour” with my parents – we drove out to Lovell to have dinner at Ebenezer’s.  It’s a little surreal for us long-timers to grasp that anything famous can be in Lovell, except for maybe Stephen King on occasion.  The place was packed, though, with a wide range of out-of-state license plates in the parking lot, and it did not disappoint, even though I’m mostly *meh* about beer.  We were seated upstairs elbow to elbow, and I felt like I was back in a dorm room, but the food was great.

Today’s weather was a bit better; at least, it wasn’t pouring out, anyway.  It was way too windy to go out in the canoe, but we did manage a ride around town and a short hike up Hawk Mountain. It wasn’t a great day for pictures, but here are my favorites:


Stinkin’ Benjamin – aka Trillium.  This particular kind doesn’t smell badly until you pick them.  My father reminded me of how I learned that particular lesson as a child.


Baby cow up on the Rice Hill road. 


Big cows, who were rather suspicious of having their picture taken. 


Lady slipper – from a patch at the edge of the forest in my parent’s yard.  When I was a kid these were endangered and we weren’t allowed to pick them.  I saw numerous patches around town, though, and now I wonder if they are still considered endangered?


In all my years living and visiting, I’d never actually hiked up Hawk Mountain.  It’s an easy enough hike, though the trail could use a bit of directional guidance and today it was basically a creek from top to bottom because of all the rain.  The trail is an old logging road that intersects with a network of snowmobile/ATV trails.  There’s a hand-written sign that points you up the trail from a little parking area, but the only signage is of the snowmobile trail network.  About 3/4 of the way up the road there is a fork in the road and there’s absolutely no indication of which direction to go.  Happily, I had cell service up there and was able to Google, turning up someone’s blog post that said to take a right.  And then the trail started going downhill, enough for us to think we must have screwed up, that somehow we had missed the summit.  At that point we saw the outcroppings just ahead, and the views of the lakes and mountains came into sight.  I’m pretty sure this is Long Lake in Harrison:


To the right of the main clearing, you can continue over to another outcropping, with these rocks serving as a little bit of a staircase:

Hawk Summit

From that outcropping, you can see more of Waterford and over into the White Mountains.  It was really overcast so the pictures I took aren’t great, but I can imagine on a clear day that the views would be amazing:


The truth?  When I was 16 I could not get out of this place fast enough.  Now, I just want to take pictures from one end of town to the other, frame after frame of impossibly beautiful things.  (And, y’know, win the lottery so I can buy this house, which I have coveted for as long as I can remember.)


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