Bird Chronicles #5

On Saturday I was finally feeling well enough to celebrate my birthday, and I talked my family into a nature walk at Mass Audubon’s Stony Brook nature center.  In addition to seeing a giant snapping turtle and an equally large wild swan, I was divebombed by a couple of baltimore orioles.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture of them, as it took me too long to recover from the shock of it to get the lens cap off my camera.  They were really beautiful, though.  There were also TONS of red-winged blackbirds and some yellow warblers mucking about.

A couple of new bird pics to add from this trip.  This fellow here was a new one to me – I’m pretty sure it’s a killdeer:


Also new to me:  Canadian geese chicks.  Adult geese terrify me – they are mean, and they poo EVERYWHERE – but I’d never seen their chicks before, and thought they were sorta cute.  You can just begin to see the darker markings coming in:



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