Thing 4

Fourth finished object for 2013 – a baby sweater for the VEB’s expecting friends.  A fairly easy-peasy knit, with some silver buttons etched with hearts.  It’s a girl, and if she ever has a brother the buttons could be easily switched out for something less feminine.

Baby Sweater

Pattern:  Garter Yoke Baby Cardi by Jennifer Hoel, available for free here.  (Honestly, I really don’t like garter stitch.  If I knit this again I’d do moss stitch instead.)  I only put 3 buttons on, mostly because me & the button band weren’t seeing eye to eye on a few things.  (Eventually I will learn to just add extra stitches while knitting the body of these sweaters instead of adding the button band on later.  Ugh.)

Yarn:  One of my favorites, Rowan Purelife – British Sheep Breeds Undyed.  I love knitting with this stuff!  It’s a nice neutral color and very soft to the touch.  (Admittedly, this yarn is hand wash only, and that’s impractical for babies, but I’m a sucker for natural fibers.)


About Lori Allen Writes

Lori is plotting to take over the world one essay, one quilt, and one hand knit sock at a time.
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One Response to Thing 4

  1. Lori! I love this. I am going to have you knit an entire winter wardrobe should I ever be blessed enough to get myself knocked up. Beautiful!

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