Things I Am Obsessing Over, In No Particular Order

1.      Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from…Shaw’s.  I know. But these suckers are deadly. DEADLY.

2.      Netflix. To be specific, Shameless, the British version.  And Firefly for the umpteenth time, because…well.  Nathan Fillion and all.  No other reason is really necessary.

3.      Knitting hats. I knit one for The Very Excellent Boyfriend (VEB), who asked for another one.  And then my Ravelry browsing got out of control, and suddenly my coffee table was littered with hat patterns.  I. MUST. KNIT. THEM. ALL.

Sadly, these three things combined have cut my weight loss from 40 pounds down to 30.  This is bad. Very bad.  So bad that I really don’t want to publicly admit such a thing. But I just did, mostly because I’m afraid I’m going to start running into people who will see me and think, “that girl needs her scales checked”.


4.      Remember awhile back when there was a news story about kids and marshmallows?  How researchers gave kids a choice between one marshmallow now or two later?  The kids who had the self-control to wait turned out to be more successful.  (see here)

I’ve spent more time than I should thinking about how I would have eaten the marshmallow immediately, then obsessed about the other marshmallow for the next three days.  Then I would have started fantasizing about making a voodoo doll of the researcher who deprived me of the second marshmallow, even though it was my own damned fault.


5.      Wherever I go, there are cats.  VEB has two, his sister has three, my sister has one.  VEB has neighbors who kind of / sort of have a cat, but the maintenance guy feeds her and she seems to spend almost all the time outside.  Her name is Charlie, and all I can think about (when I’m not obsessing about failing the marshmallow test) is my deep desire to steal her and give her a life of Fancy Feast and warm pillows to sleep on.  VEB bought her a sort of tent bed that has been bungee corded to the stair railing, and she frequently sleeps there.  That is one small comfort.  But every time I see her I think she’s supposed to be mine, even though I have a one-cat-per-person rule.  And my own cat would lose her tiny little mind if I brought another cat home.  Still, though, the cuteness is hard to resist:



6.      Retirement. I am really starting to freak out over how little I have saved for retirement.  Nothing I read is really helping me, not the least of which is because the minute someone starts talking about money my eyes glaze over.  In theory I have another ~28 years of working, and I don’t have a kid to put through college so that is something of a relief.  But the amount of money I allegedly need to save in that time period is staggering.  It’s a lot of yarn, is what I’m saying.

7.    2013.  It’s that time of year when I like to start creating some sort of plan for the coming year.  (The fact that by June the plan has gone out the window notwithstanding.)  Last year I tried a one-word theme, and I’m thinking about a new word for 2013.  VEB has all sorts of hiking adventures planned for us, but I’m mostly thinking about photography these days.  (Happily, hiking and photography are two hobbies that work well together.)  I also feel like I’ve been neglecting my writing.  Sometimes I think knitting is less of a hobby than it is procrastination technique.

8.   Maybe I can retire on my yarn stash?


About Lori Allen Writes

Lori is plotting to take over the world one essay, one quilt, and one hand knit sock at a time.
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