The Word Is Story

As I struggled to make any sort of resolutions this year (or “revolutions”, as my niece calls them), I stumbled across the idea of having one word shape the coming year.  This seemed like a much more interesting approach to me.  And when I read that someone had chosen the word “story” for their theme one year, something from deep inside me swelled up and roared:  “I WANT THAT WORD”.  

How peculiar, I thought.  Or maybe not, since I’d spent the past couple of days putting family stories I’d written over the past few years here on the blog.  Maybe I just had that word in my head and it would pass. 

And then I had a flash of memory of reading about someone who named their kid Story and how I thought that was about the most absurd thing I’d ever heard.  

So I dismissed this word and tried to find another one.

But you know how when you try not to think about something it suddenly becomes all you can think about?  All I could think about was the word “story”, where it came from, why we tell them, how important stories are to people and cultures and states and…oh, the list went on for a good long while. 

 So story it is.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this.  Frankly, that’s sort of the fun.  But I’ll start with the fact that one of my favorite things about Friday is that on NPR they feature a clip from StoryCorps.  I’m not going to lie; there have been many Friday mornings where I have been late to work because I couldn’t leave before the end of the story.  A few days ago it occurred to me these pieces might be online, and I’ve been listening to them before I fall asleep.  They are funny, sad, poignant, troubling, disturbing, sweet, salty, precious.  It’s the entire human experience wrapped up in a little tiny clip of someone’s life.  

In addition to podcasts and clips, there is a list of questions that might come in handy if you were to interview someone about their life.  It seems to me like a good list of questions to be able to answer for ones own self, too.  

And I just *DARE* you to watch this and not burst into tears:


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Lori is plotting to take over the world one essay, one quilt, and one hand knit sock at a time.
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